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Drury University Art Collection

Drury’s art collection contains works spanning the eleventh through the twenty-first centuries from around the globe.


Drawing of a young women leaning forward wearing a strapless dress, Left side of paper cut away.

Original illustration for "What is it the Mom Does? A Little Lullaby that Ended in Love's Old Sweet Song" Illustrated by Rose O'Neill. Written by Lenora Mattingly Weber.

Woman with her right hand on the forehead of a young girl and her left hand on the boot of a young boy sitting on a stool. ...more

The Terror Outside

Figure pushes hard against a bolted door with swirls all around indicating wind. Five sets of eyes peer out from the swirls. Two handled jar on ground in front of figure. Heavily hatch… ...more

Abstract Variation

An abstract sculpture consisting of geometric steel shapes bolted and welded together, and painted red.


Woman's Head (Garda?)

Drawing of womans head

Little Mountain Mother

Female dancing with full skirt lifting to reveal legs. Hands have red fingernails to match red lips. She wears ruffles on her wrists, arms bare, feather headress. She looks directly at the… ...more

Recent Items

Photo of Embrace of the Tree

Black and white photograph of sculpture with black background ...more


Photo of Rose O'Neill sitting down holding a soft stuffed Kewpie doll ...more

Let Me Go

Print of pencil drawing. A male figure on the left sits on a boulder looking off to his right. His left hand is held by a monkey-like figure sitting on his left, also looking to his right.… ...more

The Lost Cherub

Horned and winged figure reclining with winged cherub asleep on his chest. Figures peak out from background. ...more

Serene Sea

Seascape with boats in foreground on shore, turquoise water in middle ground, and grey sky above. ...more