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Drury’s art collection contains works spanning the eleventh through the twenty-first centuries from around the globe. Included are gifts generously donated to the university as well as objects purchased over its long history. Many pieces are on display around campus and the collection serves to enhance life at Drury. More importantly it functions as a teaching collection through which students can engage in research into the artists or styles represented and the histories behind the objects. Students can also study the methods used for production, or use the collection to learn commercial photography skills. Through the many ways that students enrich the university, this site will continue to evolve. The photographs may eventually be replaced with those shot by students. The information known about each piece will be enhanced as students research the work and add their findings. Indeed the very creation of this online portal has been the gift of a talented senior computer information system major, C. J. Obermaier, who created it as his senior capstone project in 2013 under the guidance of Mike Hass, Visiting Instructor – Management Information Systems. In 2014 it was greatly improved by Caleb Swadley and Lorraine Frazier, a team of computer information systems majors under the direction of Dr. Scott Sigman, Professor - Mathematics and Computer Science. Several faculty and students have helped inventory the collection over the years, but I particularly want to thank Dr. Harriet Mears and her “Art Squad” for their work and documentation over many years, and most recently student Elizabeth Snyder for her stalwart dedication toward updating the inventory and the data entry necessary for putting it online. We hope you enjoy browsing through this collection and we thank our donors for making it possible. Check back occasionally to see how students have enriched the site.

Virtually Yours, Jacqueline Tygart, Associate Librarian for Art, Architecture & Behavioral Sciences and Drury Art Collection Curator, Drury University