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Hinged Bracelet with Geometric Designs and Pin Clasp

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Hinged Bracelet with Geometric Designs and Pin Clasp


Islamic Culture

Creator Biography

before 1974


Islamic Culture

Place Made

Northern Africa


This is likely a manilla, which is an oval or C-shaped metal bracelet or anklet with flaring ends. It is commonly worn to display wealth. With its flattened, flaring ends and geometric decorations, the Hinged Bracelet retains the basic form of a manilla, but it is unusual in its hinged form and its pin clasp. This brass bracelet was at least partially forged, or beaten, into shape, and the careful process of creating its two fine working mechanism contrast with the simple designs that were rather hastily cut and stamped into the surface. These simple embellishments may therefore have been added later, by a different craftsperson, or even by the owner. The Bronze Flared Anklet has many dents and bent areas, suggesting that it was well used and long cherished before it was collected. It was likely made using the lost-wax casting process, which involved making a wax model for the anklet, forming the intricate details through molding, carving, and weaving wax threads into delicate designs, and then using the was model to create a clay mold for a bronze casting. The final details and the regular form of the final anklet attests to the strong skills of this artisan.

Researched by Christy Mustari, MSU Student, 2008, Under the direction of Dr. Billie Follensbee


20th Century

Item Dimensions

6.5 cm h. z 8 cm w. x 8 cm d.






Carved Design


Frances Davis Extended Loan, 1974.

Acession Number


Accession Year


Photo Number

20200048 and 20200049